Kickstarter MVVM

Kickstarter for iOS.


Models and API services for the Kickstarter iOS app.


A collection of extensions to the Reactive Cocoa framework.

Giraffe MVVM, Networking, Protocol Extensions

iOS client for Giphy written in Swift with ReactiveCocoa.

SwiftGoal MVVM, Networking

This project showcases the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture with ReactiveCocoa 4, while serving as a digital logbook of FIFA matches.

Rewatch Core Data, Networking

Rewatch is an application that talks to Betaseries, a service to track the TV Shows you've watched and suggest you an episode to watch again. It uses ReactiveCocoa to talk to the Betaseries API and save content to a CoreData database.

Carthage Command line

Carthage is a simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa and is a great example of how you can use ReactiveCocoa to write command line tools with Swift.


Weather and Forecasts for Humans

Tentacle 3rd party client

A Swift framework for the GitHub API


Powering your RAC architecture

Bailiff MVVM

Mac application to create issues in GitLab

Crystal Clipboard MVVM, Networking, Core Data

Application for managing copy/paste across devices