ReactiveCocoa is a framework that’s been around for a few years now and you can see it powered awesome tools like Tentacle or Carthage. This framework can do a lot but sometimes newcommers as well as RAC experts can fell puzzled and the documentation will not necessarilly help. Sometimes it’s not about how to do something with the framework as much as how to do it right or even how did other developers achieve it.

Project discoverability is hard, even where the place to look at is Github. That’s why this list is born. More and more people are choosing to open source their projects. When these projects are relying on ReactiveCocoa to organize Network calls, to bind values to UI components or even talk to a CoreData database, they become great source of knowledge that should be easier to find.

This list is not about trying to make a statement about how ReactiveCocoa is the best framework to do functional reactive programing. There are other great frameworks out there and it would be awesome to see lists just like this one.

How to contribute

This list has been initially curated by Romain Pouclet. Everything is open-source though, so feel free to open a pull request to suggest an app or a framework using ReactiveCocoa. Although please note that even if we loved hitting those square-bracket keys thousands of times a day writting code using ReactiveCocoa in Objective-C, we are trying to curate a list of projects using the most recent version of the framework.